Quid de Belle Vue gets 2nd place in the Prix de Cabourg.

Our little hero Quid ran a wonderful race and managed to come in second place with the speed of 1’15″5 over a distance of 2140m. He ran with the number 4, not always his best place to start but managed to do his thing just the same. He is such a gallant horse and we are very happy with him. He has really done us proud this season and is now going to have a long due holiday until September 🙂

1'15"5 over 2140m

1’15″5 over 2140m

1'15"5 over 2140m

1’15″5 over 2140m


Quid de Belle Vue gets a place in the Final.

Quid de Belle Vue ran an excellent race last Friday managing to get himself a place in the final of the Prix de Cabourg. He had the number 2, not the best number for him and found himself in an awkward position for much of the race. He did a fantastic final straight however and managed to pass the pack despite finding too many obstacles in his path. With careful guidance from his driver he was able to get through to the front and come in fourth with a time of 1’16″8. Had there been another 50m in the race he would have most likely placed second as he was strong, very strong.

The Prix de Cabourg final is being held on the 7th of June, this coming Sunday, over the distance of 2140m and he will be running with the number 4. We wish him luck in what looks to be a very challenging race!

Here is the video of his race:


Quid de Belle Vue gets pipped at the post!

Quid de Belle Vue ran a beautiful race today over 2140m in the Prix de Cabourg Heat 4. He made it in 1’16″6 and was in the lead coming down the final straight. Just at the post he was overtaken by Saphir Barbes driven by Redent Magro to put him in second place and to give Saphir his first win in Malta. Well done to Redent…..

We continue to be blessed by this wonderful horse’s big heart and desire to do his job well. He is always placed and always gives his best. On to the next stage of this championship now……

1 16 6 over 2140 2nd place mtg24 race4_export_01_4_1431870796


Quid’s 3rd place 1’15″2 over 1640m.


Quid makes a 3rd after a drastic tack malfunction!

Qui de Belle Vue came in third today over 1640m, not his normal preferred distance. Owing to the new regulations the brush he normally runs with is no longer allowed leaving him to run with the new rubber one that is ten times harder! There is no sense.

Shortly after the start Quid did not like the feel of his new brush (I don’t blame him) and panicked snapping his steady which then hung between his legs and was flying around all over the place for the rest of the race. He was at the back of the pack by the time he settled down. He still made it past them and finished strong in third place with a wonderful sprint down the last 500m making 1’15″2. It is worth noting that shortly after the finish line he had overtaken the leader. He ran a good race all things considered and as usual we are pleased with his performance.

Here he is at the finish, he looks like he’s fourth but the horse in front of him was disqualified.

ONE FIFTEEN TWO OVER 1640 mtg19 race6_export_01_6_1430057368



Quid makes a valiant effort!

Today, Quid de Belle Vue ran his heart out in the second semi final for the Krafft Championship. He made 1’16″9, the same time as the fourth horse but alas came in fifth, knocking him out of the Championship. That was his second fastest time over 2140m and there was no doubt the horse did nothing wrong and ran as perfect a race as he could. He ran two and three wide the whole race and finally crossed to the inside to attempt a breakthrough as the pack opened up down the final straight. It didn’t open up as smoothly as Charlie was hoping for and the horse had to zigzag his way between the field to get to fifth place. Had he had a smooth straight he would definitely have placed.

We are still very, very happy with the horse and his performance and attitude and we live to fight another race 🙂

Photos courtesy of Mike Orland and MRC. 😉

4121 mtg16 race4_export_01_4_1428845094


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Quid de Belle Vue did it again!

On March 31st Quid de Belle Vue ran in the Krafft Championship, heat 6 and had an impressive win running in the dead seat the whole way. He made 1’17″8 over 2140m and running with the number 3. We are so pleased with the way this horse is performing!

Tomorrow Quid will be running in the Krafft Championship semi final 2. This will be run over 2140m and he has the number 4. We are hoping for good results!

mtg14 race4_export_01_4_1427808816 4105