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Long time no see!

It has been a long time indeed since I posted news from our stables!

What better way to start though than with the fantastic return to form for Quid de Belle Vue.

feb28 2016 quid first 3140

Here is the video courtesy of Kenneth Vella showing his 1’18″6 win over 3140m last February 28.

Made in Hoff came back to racing after a long break away. She trained perfectly and was getting a few races in hand as she made her way through to the Assikura Gold Championship race. Here she is placing fourth in the gold semi final:

fourth place assikura semi final 1 feb 28 2016


What happened to Quid de Belle Vue?

What happened to Quid de Belle Vue was the most heard question over the last couple of weeks……he raced and won and then raced and dragged behind like he was done before he started…let me assure you that was the most ASKED question in our stables too!

The week before the race Quid seemed to be perfectly fine, in good spirits and eating like a piglet as usual. Martin dewormed all three of them a week before he was due to race and all seemed well. The first hint that he wasn’t himself was when he started picking at his food and preferring local Maltese hay to his normal fancy one. He then seemed to get back to normal but presented with a mild fever mid week. We observed the fever to see what was coming but by the next day it had gone. Quid seemed to get back to himself and we prepared him to race as planned at the weekend.

The race came and went and Quid was totally without power and I’m not even sure where he placed as it wasn’t where he should have been!

Martin took a blood test and had the results ready for when Doctor Borg came out to see him. It seems that the worms that had died off during the deworming had released toxins that had unbalanced his system so his liver etc had been affected. Doctor Borg also gave him a tooth filing session.

He is almost done with his treatment now and we are observing to see if he is back to feeling himself yet.

He is NOT injured in any way and WILL be back to kick butt on the track just as soon as he’s strong enough!


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Quid de Belle Vue wins over 3140m.

Last Sunday Quid de Belle Vue showed his true colours as he steamed to a good win over the distance of 3140m with a time of 1’17″9.

He was driven superbly by Charlie Camilleri and Quid did the rest. He was on the inside, the outside, the lead then behind the leader as he ran a well crafted race that suited him perfectly.

This is his eighth win for us and needless to say we are very, very happy with this loyal horse with a golden heart.


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Quid de Belle Vue gets 2nd place in the Prix de Cabourg.

Our little hero Quid ran a wonderful race and managed to come in second place with the speed of 1’15″5 over a distance of 2140m. He ran with the number 4, not always his best place to start but managed to do his thing just the same. He is such a gallant horse and we are very happy with him. He has really done us proud this season and is now going to have a long due holiday until September 🙂

1'15"5 over 2140m

1’15″5 over 2140m

1'15"5 over 2140m

1’15″5 over 2140m


Quid de Belle Vue gets a place in the Final.

Quid de Belle Vue ran an excellent race last Friday managing to get himself a place in the final of the Prix de Cabourg. He had the number 2, not the best number for him and found himself in an awkward position for much of the race. He did a fantastic final straight however and managed to pass the pack despite finding too many obstacles in his path. With careful guidance from his driver he was able to get through to the front and come in fourth with a time of 1’16″8. Had there been another 50m in the race he would have most likely placed second as he was strong, very strong.

The Prix de Cabourg final is being held on the 7th of June, this coming Sunday, over the distance of 2140m and he will be running with the number 4. We wish him luck in what looks to be a very challenging race!

Here is the video of his race:


Quid de Belle Vue gets pipped at the post!

Quid de Belle Vue ran a beautiful race today over 2140m in the Prix de Cabourg Heat 4. He made it in 1’16″6 and was in the lead coming down the final straight. Just at the post he was overtaken by Saphir Barbes driven by Redent Magro to put him in second place and to give Saphir his first win in Malta. Well done to Redent…..

We continue to be blessed by this wonderful horse’s big heart and desire to do his job well. He is always placed and always gives his best. On to the next stage of this championship now……

1 16 6 over 2140 2nd place mtg24 race4_export_01_4_1431870796


Quid’s 3rd place 1’15″2 over 1640m.