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Long time no see!

It has been a long time indeed since I posted news from our stables!

What better way to start though than with the fantastic return to form for Quid de Belle Vue.

feb28 2016 quid first 3140

Here is the video courtesy of Kenneth Vella showing his 1’18″6 win over 3140m last February 28.

Made in Hoff came back to racing after a long break away. She trained perfectly and was getting a few races in hand as she made her way through to the Assikura Gold Championship race. Here she is placing fourth in the gold semi final:

fourth place assikura semi final 1 feb 28 2016


Made in Hoff grabs a second :)

Congratulations to Made in Hoff on her excellent race today in the Premier class of the Equestrian Festival Finals making 1’14″6 over 1640m. The horses set off fast from the very start and Made ran a spectacular race going two and three wide the whole way, having the rubbish number 8 didn’t help as she started right on the outside. She gave her all as always and managed to pass the whole field except of course the horse that won! Congratulations and well done to Jesmar Gafa today as well for his excellent driving.

We are extremely happy with her solid and consistent performance. She has a heart of gold and is such a reliable, quality mare. She has placed in every race she’s had this year unless she’s had good reason not to (such as horses galloping into her path or hitting her sulky).

mtg47 race4_2nd place Equestrian Festival Final


mtg 47 2nd place Equestrian Festival Final



This is the video of her performance today, she is second to last at the back in the early part of the race and then you can see her start to move up on the outside:

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Made in Hoff up for her final race of 2014 on Dec 21

Made in Hoff will be running in the Equestrian Festival Premier final on December 21st, this coming Sunday. The race will be over 1640 metres and she is running with number 8 in the fourth race at 15:50pm.

We wish her luck 🙂

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Busy times!

Sunday this last weekend saw Nomade de Mai out in the eighth race for the Equestrian festival’s qualifier race in the gold class. He held up well although our decision to take all four shoes off in the light rain proved a little unfortunate when the heavens opened and the going changed. Either way, he galloped at the start and finished down the home straight at a canter… I said to Martin, we need to be rocket Scientists to work out what the problem is this time…..and Martin did point out he wasn’t even a scientist let alone a rocket scientist LOL. We will continue to plug away until we get it right with him or give up totally…..time will tell.

Made in Hoff was up on Monday, running in the Equestrian festival Premier qualifier race. She had a slow start but ran an excellent race managing to come in second place (third originally but the first horse was disqualified for hooking), having come from the last two horses. She worked hard and came in with a speed of 1’14″4 over 1640m. She has such a good heart.

Made in Hoff, 1'14"4 over 1640m

Made in Hoff, 1’14″4 over 1640m

Quid de Belle Vue is up on Sunday December 14th in the Prix de Cagnes sur Mer. For the third time he is racing with the number 9. How is it possible we ask ourselves to have the same number three times in a row! Fingers, legs and arms crossed that things go well for him on the day. ❤


A disappointing accident for Made in Hoff

Friday November 28 was the qualifying Premier race for the Republic day cup. It was a race that Made in Hoff stood a good chance of doing well in and the first six horses would qualify.

Unfortunately she got off to a good start and the horse in front of her galloped. This in itself would not have been a problem had the driver not pulled his horse and then moved to the inside causing Made, who was right behind him to gallop too. The driver responsible recieved a fine and a ban for two meetings but that did not help us in anyway as the mare was disqualified and knocked out of the competition.

She will now have some quiet time and a well deserved rest.

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Made in Hoff and Quid de Belle Vue up to race this Friday 28 Nov

Quid de Belle Vue is racing in the fifth race with the number 9 over a distance of 2640. His race starts at 20:05pm.

Made in Hoff is racing in the eighth race with the number 1 over the same distance. Her race starts at 21:20pm.

We wish them both good luck and happy trotting and keep our fingers crossed that the race track looks like one track and not four in one as it has been lately with a flattened and hard going inner track and a four inch deep sand bank on the outside.

Somebody sort that damn track out!


Congratulations to Pedro Vici and Johan Axisa!

The President’s cup was held yesterday at Marsa, this time a little earlier on the calendar to accommodate the French horses who will have their own championship soon.

The event was nicely organised and Owners/Drivers got to meet the President and shake hands 🙂

The race was won by Pedro Vici who was being driven by Johan Axisa with the fine time of 1’14″4 over 2140 metres. Made in Hoff came in a respectable sixth driven by our Danish friend, Thomas Bonde. Thanks Thomas 🙂

Congratulations go to Johan and the owners of the horse. Well done 🙂

In Second place was Original Blue followed by Vejby Boom and Gently di Poggio.

Well done to all the participants, we shall meet again on the track 🙂

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