What happened to Quid de Belle Vue?

24 Nov

What happened to Quid de Belle Vue was the most heard question over the last couple of weeks……he raced and won and then raced and dragged behind like he was done before he started…let me assure you that was the most ASKED question in our stables too!

The week before the race Quid seemed to be perfectly fine, in good spirits and eating like a piglet as usual. Martin dewormed all three of them a week before he was due to race and all seemed well. The first hint that he wasn’t himself was when he started picking at his food and preferring local Maltese hay to his normal fancy one. He then seemed to get back to normal but presented with a mild fever mid week. We observed the fever to see what was coming but by the next day it had gone. Quid seemed to get back to himself and we prepared him to race as planned at the weekend.

The race came and went and Quid was totally without power and I’m not even sure where he placed as it wasn’t where he should have been!

Martin took a blood test and had the results ready for when Doctor Borg came out to see him. It seems that the worms that had died off during the deworming had released toxins that had unbalanced his system so his liver etc had been affected. Doctor Borg also gave him a tooth filing session.

He is almost done with his treatment now and we are observing to see if he is back to feeling himself yet.

He is NOT injured in any way and WILL be back to kick butt on the track just as soon as he’s strong enough!


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Posted by on November 24, 2015 in The Adventures of Quid de Belle Vue


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