Quid makes a 3rd after a drastic tack malfunction!

26 Apr

Qui de Belle Vue came in third today over 1640m, not his normal preferred distance. Owing to the new regulations the brush he normally runs with is no longer allowed leaving him to run with the new rubber one that is ten times harder! There is no sense.

Shortly after the start Quid did not like the feel of his new brush (I don’t blame him) and panicked snapping his steady which then hung between his legs and was flying around all over the place for the rest of the race. He was at the back of the pack by the time he settled down. He still made it past them and finished strong in third place with a wonderful sprint down the last 500m making 1’15″2. It is worth noting that shortly after the finish line he had overtaken the leader. He ran a good race all things considered and as usual we are pleased with his performance.

Here he is at the finish, he looks like he’s fourth but the horse in front of him was disqualified.

ONE FIFTEEN TWO OVER 1640 mtg19 race6_export_01_6_1430057368



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