Quid makes a valiant effort!

12 Apr

Today, Quid de Belle Vue ran his heart out in the second semi final for the Krafft Championship. He made 1’16″9, the same time as the fourth horse but alas came in fifth, knocking him out of the Championship. That was his second fastest time over 2140m and there was no doubt the horse did nothing wrong and ran as perfect a race as he could. He ran two and three wide the whole race and finally crossed to the inside to attempt a breakthrough as the pack opened up down the final straight. It didn’t open up as smoothly as Charlie was hoping for and the horse had to zigzag his way between the field to get to fifth place. Had he had a smooth straight he would definitely have placed.

We are still very, very happy with the horse and his performance and attitude and we live to fight another race 🙂

Photos courtesy of Mike Orland and MRC. 😉

4121 mtg16 race4_export_01_4_1428845094


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