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Long time no see!

It has been a long time indeed since I posted news from our stables!

What better way to start though than with the fantastic return to form for Quid de Belle Vue.

feb28 2016 quid first 3140

Here is the video courtesy of Kenneth Vella showing his 1’18″6 win over 3140m last February 28.

Made in Hoff came back to racing after a long break away. She trained perfectly and was getting a few races in hand as she made her way through to the Assikura Gold Championship race. Here she is placing fourth in the gold semi final:

fourth place assikura semi final 1 feb 28 2016


What happened to Quid de Belle Vue?

What happened to Quid de Belle Vue was the most heard question over the last couple of weeks……he raced and won and then raced and dragged behind like he was done before he started…let me assure you that was the most ASKED question in our stables too!

The week before the race Quid seemed to be perfectly fine, in good spirits and eating like a piglet as usual. Martin dewormed all three of them a week before he was due to race and all seemed well. The first hint that he wasn’t himself was when he started picking at his food and preferring local Maltese hay to his normal fancy one. He then seemed to get back to normal but presented with a mild fever mid week. We observed the fever to see what was coming but by the next day it had gone. Quid seemed to get back to himself and we prepared him to race as planned at the weekend.

The race came and went and Quid was totally without power and I’m not even sure where he placed as it wasn’t where he should have been!

Martin took a blood test and had the results ready for when Doctor Borg came out to see him. It seems that the worms that had died off during the deworming had released toxins that had unbalanced his system so his liver etc had been affected. Doctor Borg also gave him a tooth filing session.

He is almost done with his treatment now and we are observing to see if he is back to feeling himself yet.

He is NOT injured in any way and WILL be back to kick butt on the track just as soon as he’s strong enough!


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Quid de Belle Vue wins over 3140m.

Last Sunday Quid de Belle Vue showed his true colours as he steamed to a good win over the distance of 3140m with a time of 1’17″9.

He was driven superbly by Charlie Camilleri and Quid did the rest. He was on the inside, the outside, the lead then behind the leader as he ran a well crafted race that suited him perfectly.

This is his eighth win for us and needless to say we are very, very happy with this loyal horse with a golden heart.


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Linus Ru settles in nicely

Linus has been with us around three weeks now. He is a lovely, well mannered horse and very photogenic!

He has been coming out with Quid de Belle Vue for walks and more recently has been going out in the sulky with Martin in the mornings. He has trained at mid speed once to see how he was tuned and Charlie is going to be giving him a session tomorrow morning.

Linus Ru

Linus Ru

I think I may have to paint this one ;)

I think I may have to paint this one 😉


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Goodbye to Nomade de Mai…..

Finally the time came.

Nomade has been a wonderful member of our stables and we have given him all the love possible and all the time and money in the world to heal and come back on form for racing. The truth of the matter was that he was now 14 years old and racing in a class of horses who were 8 and 9 years old and on peak form. Nomade was never a horse that could take training slowly and always pulled like a steam train which did more damage than good when trying to build him up to race form so his training was tailored to suit his needs and surely enough he did get back to race a few times. He never regained his prior peak though and was respectfully retired to become a riding horse.

I worked with him a lot and rode him three times a week; during this time he learnt to walk, trot and canter to verbal command. Always a very intelligent horse he learnt very fast and finally it began to dawn on me that his life was so limited being stuck in Marsa. He was still around racing and spent most of his time wondering when he was going to get the command to cut loose and go for it! We worked well in the La Vallette paddock but anywhere else we rode he was always being passed by horses in training….

Martin was very honorable and kind and allowed him to stay in the stables even though he had retired and when he bought a new racehorse from Sweden had planned to build Nomade a stable in the paddock to live in permanently. It was during the costing of this building job that I was overcome with guilt. Guilt that I was perhaps being selfish. After much heartache and wrangling I decided to do some research and see if there would be any chance of finding him someone at Maghtab who would love him as much as I did and be able to offer him more of an interesting retirement than I could.

I posted in the Rehome a Horse Malta group on Facebook and had three people who contacted me. I thought long and hard about it and finally his new mummy was chosen. Luckily she had seen him about two or three weeks before when she’d been down in Marsa, seen him looking rounded and shiny and gorgeous as he’d gained a nice amount of weight since coming out of serious training. On the day she came to visit him, in true Nomade style, he had a fever!

On Sunday evening when we first noticed it, Martin gave him antibiotics and a fever reducer straight away and on Monday morning first thing, the vet came and she prescribed the same medicine so it was good we’d already got a head start on it. Nicole came on Monday afternoon and he was in a bad state, a fever of 40 plus and in discomfort. We continued with his meds but by Wednesday his fever still hadn’t come down despite drips and the other meds so we called in Doctor Borg. Borg said he seemed to have a bacterial infection as a virus would have been slowing down by now and he changed the antibiotic and fever meds. At this point, we were seriously considering what would happen if his fever didn’t come down because it was not fair on him to see him suffering and not eating. Nomade always eats……but not this time. By Friday it seemed his fever was breaking but he was still off his food. We started him on Gastropelle Forte to try and settle his stomach as he was always prone to stomach issues under stress, physical or psychological. He had started to eat a little at this point in time, we bought him Maltese Tiben because he was nibbling at some outside but he ended up sleeping on it instead. He didn’t want his hay so we then bought Maltese hay and bit by bit he started nibbling away at it. He was still off his hard food though although he was by now eating a little on and off. After a few days of he started eating better but was still not up to his normal rations and Nicole was waiting patiently to see if her new love of her life was going to make it or not. She came regularly and cleaned him and made friends but he stayed with us as he still had another week of antibiotics to get through. Finally he came back to himself and started being naughty and causing mischief again and we knew we had our old Nomade back……the only problem was he had lost so much weight!

We waited until he was happy and back to looking for food and then the big day finally came. He loaded into the box like an old pro and behaved himself on the short trip to Maghtab. When I unloaded him he reminded me of how tall he is by standing with his head so high the lead rein was vertical in my hands! He walked into Sunflower snorting and looking around and was put into his stall and immediately started making friends with the other horses. He wasn’t in that stall for long though because Nicole was up at 4am painting and preparing a new stable and paddock for him and she moved him into his nice new place.

It did not hurt as much as I thought it would to say Goodbye to him, probably because I see in Nicole the passion I had as a teen and I feel sure that will carry her through a steep learning curve with our boy AND I can go and see him whenever I want. She loves him to bits already and this smart horse knows and feels that. We are in touch constantly and for now, she is working on acquainting him with his surroundings and building back his weight, something that will take time to do properly.

I would like to thank her for loving my boy and giving him a future of love and companionship and at the end of the day, what more could you want for someone you love? I wish them both good luck and know that with the support of friends and myself, they will be a happy couple for a long time to come 🙂

Nomade de Mai, Acrylic on Canson paper. A2 size.

Nomade de Mai,
Acrylic on Canson paper.
A2 size.

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Welcome to Linus RU.

Mr Linus RU arrived at our stables safe and sound this morning with four nicely bandaged legs for travel and a smart headcollar with his name on it. I will post more details about this new addition to the stables soon.


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